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This process was painless for me and appears to have been done without any major IT glitches. There are some reports on flyertalk of some minor issues but overall it appears as though this migration was a slam dunk for the AA team. What were your experiences with the migration? Any account issues? Did you notice any new fun updates to American Airlines website? Rocky started blogging on his own website When Doublewides Fly to share information about flying around the world on a dime.

Should I Use US Airways Miles or American Miles to Book a Europe Trip?

By maximizing miles and points, cheap deals, sales, backpacking, and couchsurfing Rocky has traveled to 75 countries and still counting. Part of that is understanding…. For many of us, early February means that we are one month into our new years' resolutions, and that we've finally stopped writing "" on any document that we sign.

Others may say they are overpriced and overrated, although I think it's fair to say that Four Seasons properties, as a group, are tasteful and luxurious -- some more so than…. Recently I published my updated rankings of the world's 12 best first class products, and recently Tiffany wrote about how you can redeem points to fly those products. In this post I wanted to provide updated rankings of what I consider to be the world's…. Unlike the fancy rankings you see elsewhere, with questionable methodologies…. This began a long and ongoing trend of airline frequent flyer programs moving toward revenue-based requirements.

About lucky Ben Schlappig aka Lucky is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. He travels about , miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences.

AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Merger- What You Need To Know

Whats the best way to find award availability so we can replicate your Tokyo trip on the A? Or to find an award ticket to Australia? Marz — I suggest using the United and Aeroplan websites to find award availability. This is terrible for people like me that likes to have everything flights, hotels, reservations all ready 6 months in advance. I have been checking for award availability on United. I need to change the way I plan vacations.

Marz; you can always hire Ben to get it done for you; no hassle. Rami — I believe that continental. Lucky, thank you for this! Super clean and straightforward distillation of the rules and advice for us non-experts. Definitely bookmarking this.

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That would be a great value as it would be 30, points cheaper for business class. Do you think they would allow you to do the opposite, would it be possible to do a North Asia award with a stop over in New Zealand? That would be a better value since it would cost 30, less for business class. I want to get the best of these miles, maybe flying through the US, then to Europe and finally to the Middle East. Would that be possible? Anyone has any route suggestions? I thought about:. This is helpful! US is my airline of choice mainly because I live near DCA and they treat low-tier elites fairly well.

More from One Mile at a Time

I may be asking for your services in booking an award trip to Germany this fall…hoping to get it all settled before any devaluation occurs. They said either I ticket it or start from scratch the next time. It happened twice. Anyone had the same experience? You should have no problems with a stopover in Shanghai. Nick — I believe it would be 20, points cheaper , vs.

But still a great deal. Lucky — Do you have anything from US online that states the 10 segment rule? Hi Lucky, great article! I know this is intercontinental open jaw, and happy to pay for higher redemption rate k miles for first. But just wondering if US airway will allow it. Josh — Open jaws between regions are allowed.

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The only restriction is that the distance of the open jaw has to be shorter than the distance of either the outbound or return leg. The folks in the US forum on FT say the agents have become very strict about this over the last few months, and none of the many agents I called would do an itinerary over 8. To make matters worse, the 4 segments include the stopover, so no doing Origin to Destination x 3, Destination to Stopover x 3, and Stopover to Origin x 2 as that gives you 5 segments on the overall return. If there are 2 or more seats available US is fine.

Aeroplan has been showing screwy phantom advance Lufthansa F space for a while now, and the new UA site seems to be doing the same thing. Anyone know? Most intra-Asia routes are also wide open, so if you can get yourself to Asia in 2 segments try LAX-ICN most days on Asiana you should be able to get to any of the major Australian cities without a problem.

The gurus say you can book a segment in Business on LH on a First Class itinerary, and if a First seat opens up before departure you can get US to bump you up into it free of charge. All of the agents I talked to and there were many said this would require canceling the ticket. Some agents will let you place an illegal itinerary on hold to reserve certain flights while you play with the rest. My original outbound was valid but the return was not; the agent put the whole thing on hold for 3 days while I got the return from 6 segments down to 4.

Hong Kong is technically a NZ hub and thus can be used as a stopover. I thought Singapore was releasing availability for their partners from March 1st? Or was that just a glitch? Have you checked closer in as opposed to far out? Lucky, I did. I have enough MRs to transfer directly to Krisflyer and book through them but using US Airways would have saved me some miles.

I will keep an eye out for award space closer to the travel date. Thank you so much for your help. JohnnieD — Almost. Bangkok is considered South Asia and therefore , miles. If you made it Hong Kong instead, though, it would be 90, miles. Lucky, Thanks. Found some award space in Aeroplan. Thank you so much. Excellent article — thank you. I am new to the notion of using miles rather than moneyto travel!

You had said. Can I just confirm that this means you expect Dividend Miles to be even cheaper to buy in the future or that you can travel for less miles? Or do you think I am planning too far ahead? Ian — Sorry for any confusion, I meant quite the opposite.

Top Ways to Redeem US Airways Dividend Miles in the Next 30 Days

I expect the value of their miles to go down, meaning more miles will be required to book the same tickets. Good luck! Lucky — very helpful stuff!

The current AAdvantage purchase miles promotion

What about fuel surcharges, processing fees, etc? US Airways: Thx for the response! Thank you. Or does it apply to partners as well? Hi, I have a couple of reward redemption questions. Reward travel Europe is cheap in the winter 17, each way and we have the credit card, so just 30K total per person. A quick drive, boat trip, or the use of British Airways Avios points to position yourself south of the boarder could save you thousands of points.

Sticking with the theme of Central and Southeast Asia, travel within either region is cheaper in all cabin classes using US Airways miles than AA or their competitors! Despite this, if you can find award space, US Airways will save you thousands of miles when traveling in a Premium Cabin! Off Peak travel to the Caribbean is Sept 1- 30th. And often times you can even enjoy the flat seats of Envoy class on the A to Puerto Rico! Add 20K for both class of travel to S. This means you can fly from Hawaii to Europe for the same amount of miles as someone would pay to fly from NYC to Europe!

This is a substantial saving, as most airlines consider Hawaii its own zone for award flights! Most people do not realize the vast size of Africa because of the continents somewhat small appearance on world maps. Despite this, travel in Africa is not cheap as air liberalization has been slow. The biggest problem is that Oneworld has no partners in Africa, but remember US Airways is still partner with South African Airways and is partners with Qatar airways which makes traveling somewhat easier within the region.

US Airways still allows stopovers on international flights. Each round trip is allowed one stopover.